One year from now, you will be the same person except for two things:

Who you hang out with and the books that you read.

The people that we hang out with and the books that we read influence our thoughts and beliefs, which ultimately shapes our behavior.

We can all point to at least one book or person that has created a positive shift in your life (and if you haven’t, then it’s time to read more!).

Whether it was Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which taught me to collect cash-producing assets, or The Primal Connection, which taught me to look at my habits and their effect on gene expression, or A New Earth, which taught me to monitor my own mental stories… books have created lasting shifts in my life.

That is why reading is one of the habits that I recommend every day to EXPAND your earning potential, your happiness, and your speed of growth.

We are the product of our environment, because our environment creates our thoughts. Books have the power to shatter our thought processes and introduce new ways of thinking. That’s why I believe that the books you read and the people that you hang out with are the key to your Expansion.

Plus, I’ll periodically send you a book review and/or a book recommendation of the books I’m reading to stay on the cutting edge.

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