Income Report – January 2015 – $500,000


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The total revenue on all of Ryan’s businesses for January 2015 was just shy of $500,000, which is slightly less than December of 2014. In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran shares more about the changes in his businesses and the things that made the biggest differences. One business had its best month ever, another was sold. Ryan’s other business is starting to gain traction, while one of his projects has been put on hold.

Men’s Fitness Company

Ryan’s first Amazon business had its best month ever in sales, which was about $325,000. This business has the most traction as Amazon picks up a lot of steam over time. The company has grown monthly over the past two years, and had its best month in January 2015.

The biggest difference in these sales was that some existing products increased the market share. One of the best sellers lost market share, and other products that weren’t doing as well had a sales increase of 30%. This happened through an accumulation of reviews, rankings increases, and repeat customers. The trend is that when one product picks up steam, the others tend to as well and there is an increase in sales. Ryan suggests focusing your attention on replicating the product release strategy as much as you can comfortably handle in order to have a million dollar plus business.

The men’s fitness company just outlined four additional products that will be released in the next 90 days; however, there is a six-month curve before the products will be significantly profitable. The layout, style, and design of some of the products will be changed to look more professional and less generic. The goal in design and product presentation improvement is to attract retail partners.

One of the products lost market share due to cheating competitors, some of whom leave negative reviews on the listings and inflate their own listings. Another competitor is buying hundreds of fake reviews on his products.

 What’s Next?

  • Rolling out a new design.
  • Rolling out additional products (4-5 that will be launching in the next 90 days).
  • Continuing to work on other sales channels that are not dependent on Amazon. Ryan is looking at e-commerce and funnels.

Total Revenue: $325,000

Supplement Company

This Amazon business ran out of inventory in January due to finally cracking the code in December, having a big surge, and not being able to keep in stock fast enough. The supplement company was on pace to do $50,000 a month in sales. However, the problems snowballed, which meant they weren’t able to order fast enough so the in stock dates weren’t met.

Amazon temporarily removed the company, and after fighting to get back on, they have been reinstated. As a result, the keyword rankings have been lost but the reviews have been maintained. They are back on track, and at the point of doing about 70 sales, which is about $40,000 a month in sales.

One of the things Ryan wished he had known when starting the businesses was that managing inventory was going to be a pain no matter what market he was in. Ryan wishes he had been more aggressive in his inventory management from the beginning.

Total Revenue: $40,000

Zen Active Sports

The yoga products company has been sold; however, Ryan will be advising the company for the next year, but has been removed from the operations. This sale means he has successfully built and sold a company that is mostly Amazon based. The next Freedom Fast Lane podcast details the sale of the business.

Total Revenue: Company sold

Freedom Fast Lane

Ryan’s personal brand did about $75,000 in sales in January due to late affiliate payments (reserves held by the merchant), and new sources of income, including the Next Level event that is launching for Amazon entrepreneurs who are at least at the $25,000- $100,000 a month mark. The workshops are in Austin, Texas. Find out about new dates at These are hands-on workshop style events, and create custom plans to increase your business by 2-5 times using the strategies that Ryan has successfully used in his businesses.

A new consulting partner has been taken on by Ryan, and if you are in the service based business or do consulting, you need to take note. When you get really good at the services that create massive differences in your client’s businesses, figure out how you can leverage those. Dial in to what services add to their bottom line. If you’re doing that, then you should explore what activities are adding to your client’s bottom line, increase your prices or incentivize growth more than you currently are.

Total Revenue: $75,000

Perfectly Passive Income

This product has been put on hold while Ryan reviews the process over the next few months. Ryan says he is losing about $25,000 a month by not launching; however, he doesn’t feel in line with the strategy he had. There is a waiting list at

Total Revenue: $0

What’s next for Ryan Moran and Sean Coyne?

They will invest the money from the Zen Active Sports sale into their next project together, which will be a brand new company. This will be a new type of business that both Ryan and Sean have never built before. At the moment, they are looking at the cost to fund and build the business. Assuming it goes ahead, this will be a great case study to share and track from the ground up on Freedom Fast Lane.

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    • Hey Elizabeth, I just checked and it’s working fine for me. Could you please confirm?

  • Kelly

    Ryan, I enjoyed your report but not as much as I normally do. I much prefer it when you write them. Hopefully this is just a one off 🙂

  • Hey Ryan,

    I just wanted to say a Big Thank You! for being so willing to share your knowledge and inspire others to achieve the same level of success. I’ve been listening to the tribe meetings and saw you in Las Vegas last week. I wish I signed up under you as my affiliate, but didn’t know any better at the time. I look forward to attending one of your events in Austin once I reach the $25k level with my new Amazon business. I look forward to thanking you in person! Best Wishes for a Kick Ass year, you deserve it!

    • Thanks Michael! I am excited to have you in Austin when you’re ready!

  • Kimble

    This website was weird popup menus when viewed on my iPad or iPhone…Ryan have you optimized this website for those devices?

    • Yep, but an even better version is on the way!

  • Kimble

    It’s a pain to view this site on my iPhone but I like the content…could you look into fixing it?

  • Congratulations on your success. I appreciate the value that you provide through your blog and podcasts and am happy to see you doing well. The American dream is alive and well. Your methods show that we live in a meritocracy. We just have to keep the government from interfering with that by distorting markets too much.

    Keep up the great work.

  • I started watching one of your speeches on youtube with a huge degree of skepticism (which I’ll get to after). I really want to hate it, and then I realized you’re an amazing speaker, probably amongst the best for internet marketing. From the writing end though, a couple of things came off poorly: 1) The third person perspective is a bit awkward and impersonal. Even if it’s a ghost writer doing it, I’d feel way more connected if it was being written first-person 2) Being a product manufacturer I know there’s a million reasons why it’s not as easy to share Income Report numbers as it is for say Pat at SPI (probably why I would personally never do it but each their own!). However, the income report is a bit of a half-arsed effort 🙂 The rounded numbers hurt credibility and you could share some specific numbers each report, i.e. like some basic Amazon Analytics numbers on individual products (even if the sku remains hidden). Other then that, congrats on your success!

    • Dave,

      Why would you want to hate me? I’m so funny and charming and handsome. What’s not to love?

      I agree with you on the income reports. Last year, I did them much more specifically and took a lot of meticulous time into them… and both loved and hated the process. Loved it because it provided a lot of value, but hated it because it is so hard to be precise with this type of business (as you pointed out). Plus, it always felt like a contest: “Look how much money I’m making in my latest income report!” It just didn’t feel genuine.

      I decided to stop doing them altogether. But then I wondered if there was a way for me to make them valuable, but not as open as some others, in order to do it in an honest way that didn’t feel forced. In December, I tested the podcast method (what you’re reading today), and my readers loved it. It stuck. In general, they miss my posts about them, but they love the podcasts, and I still enjoy doing them.

      I hope that clears things up – thanks for sharing.

  • john

    Hey Ryan,
    Enjoyed the podcast and appreciated the wisdom shared.
    How can we check out your supplements and fitness gear?
    Thanks…All the Best!