Todd Herman: Making Goals Inevitable With 90 Day Sprints


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In this week’s episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Ryan Daniel Moran interviews performance coach and advisor, Todd Herman. Todd works with high-level athletes and entrepreneurs on their ‘inner game,’ and had eighteen clients compete at the last Olympics. In this podcast, Ryan and Todd discuss making goals and the concept of the 90 Day Year. If you are looking to ‘level up’ this year, then you will get a lot out of this show!

Main Questions Asked: 

  • What are the crossover behaviors you took from the athletic world and brought into the entrepreneurship world that actually had an impact on the entrepreneur’s performance?
  • Do you find that when working with an athlete or entrepreneur, you can turn the anxious energy into productivity just by moving the scope of time they are working within?
  • How can people identify when they are starting to get into the depression mode so they can have triggers that bring them into a state of performance rather than pressure?
  • Talk about creating new personalities and storytelling.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • It only takes a few tweaks to your mindset to get a huge lift in performance.
  • There is a temptation to try to project what is going to happen a year or two out with no capacity of knowing what will happen in between.
  • It’s not that you have the inability to make things happen or create change for yourself. You were working with the broken model from the very beginning.
  • Entrepreneurialism is the greatest personal development course on the planet.
  • The worst thing you can do is to start setting goals without ever looking back.
  • Many entrepreneurs work on high value activities at the wrong stages.
  • In the beginning you need to build traction, not systems.


  • The enemy to confidence and momentum is confusion and uncertainty.
  • Confidence can be built, and isn’t simply something that is instilled upon you at birth. This is a learned behavior. Our momentum and progress can be hacked as a result of the decisions and planning we make.
  • Confidence is the byproduct of incremental, constant, and consistent improvement.

The 90 Day Year

  • The psychological and neurological reason behind setting 90 day goals is that it is the ‘horizon’ line, and reaches as far out as you can see. This allows a tangible taste of what could impact my ‘today.’
  • There is a huge misconception on the need to set long-term goals, which Todd says is the wrong way to work.
  • You should defiantly have a long-term vision, but this in not something tangible that you are working on right now.
  • The feedback loop for a long-term vision is so far away that you are not closing it fast enough.
  • Ask yourself, “What is the highest impact skill that, if I improved right now, would give the highest impact on my performance?” That is what you should be developing.
  • Look for the obvious holes in your business where you can grow exponentially. Put most of your time into that area which will have maximum impact.

 Three Types of Goals

1) Outcome Goal:

  • These are measurable results, e.g. In 90 days, I want to have lost 20 pounds.
  • Athletes, Type A personalities, entrepreneurs, and men are especially gifted in thinking this way.
  • If you focus only on the outcome, it creates high levels of stress and anxiety, as you don’t have control over these.

2) Performance Goals:

  • What are you going to improve in order to get to the outcome goal?
  • Break your outcome goal into performance goals over two week periods that you can measure throughout the process, e.g. In the next two weeks, I am going to the gym one time.
  • These are high impact, measurable activities that will impact your outcome goal, e.g. I will improve the number of people who see my listing from 10 to 20 by <date>.

3) Process Goals:

  • Follow the formula: 4W=C+M
  • Who is going to do What, When, and Where? This will equal Clarity and Momentum.
  • You have 100% control over process goals.


  • One of the ways out of the state of anxiety and overwhelm is to measure progress incrementally.
  • Actions of the past provide concrete data on what you have done. This will give you a high level of awareness.

Character Crafting

  • This is the conscious process of who you become and are showing up as, in order to perform at a higher level.
  • A lot of these tools are like muscles, and need to be practiced and built over time though conscious effort.
  • We all have insecurities that if we took into business, it won’t allow us to perform at our peak. So, we can suspend that persona.
  • Why not just choose the evolutionary process of who you want to be?
  • Think of this like a spirit animal, super hero, or an alter ego you can step into.
  • This is an opportunity to strip away what hampers performance, and ask, “How would I be performing if I was ‘that’ person?”
  • There needs to be something that triggers that ‘character,’ such as a sweatband or watch. Todd calls these totems and artifacts.
  • Ask yourself, “What are the things I am not going to be thinking?”
  • Remember to give your alter ego a name, and provide yourself with scenarios, “What is max not going to be doing?”

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  • Toby

    Wow – this is a game changer!

    Thank you both for this great information – keep on rocking

  • Ryan, you continue to produce such valuable content! I have learned so much from you and The Tribe over this past year!

    Being a finance geek, I am interested in leaning more about your “Wealth Triad,” specifically steps 2 and 3 – income generating investments and stocks.

    It is my understanding that you own real estate. Being a hands-off guy, do you outsource maintenance, loan servicing, and other tasks? If so, what does the payment arrangement look like with the contracted help? A percent of monthly revenue or a flat fee?

    Also, do you invest at all in mutual funds with the goal of generating completely automated passive dividend income to meet all expenses?

    All the best,
    Kevin Bailey

    • Hey Kevin!

      Yes, management companies do all of my real estate maintenance. They typically get about $100 per month per property.

      As for mutual funds, I avoid them like the plague. I don’t see the value in them. There are other plays that make much more sense in my opinion.

  • I love the idea of the 90 day sprint! I also liked the whole discussion around thinking about how you would act if you were already at a certain place in your life. Great ideas in this episode. Thanks!

    • Glad you loved this episode, Vickie. Thanks for commenting and letting me know!

  • Rich Kibble

    This was one of your best podcasts to date, thanks very much for having Todd on. I learned a lot and I’d love to hear more from him.

    “In the beginning you need to build traction, not systems.”

    Definitely food for thought for me. I’m at the beginning stage of my business. I’d love to hear him expand on that.

    • Beautiful – thanks so much for your feedback, Rich. Glad this was helpful for you!

  • Tony

    Could you explain the 90 day sprints more? I mean we are doing tasks that we can complete in 2 weeks so do we need to break our 90 day goal into 6 – 2 weeks goals?

    • Correct. You set a 90-day target, and every two weeks, you reset the measurable results that serve as your weekly progressions.

      • Sofie Couwenbergh

        And then those are broken down into processes, right?
        For example:
        Outcome = 90 day = lose 10 kilos (sorry, I’m Belgian:-))
        Performance = 2 weeks = exercise for one hour 2 times a week > 3 times a week > 4 times a week > …
        Process = I will go running in the park on Mondays and Thursdays.


        I know I’m late to the game here, but I just heard about the 90-day year and this podcast interview is the best resource I found about it so far. I loved the questions you asked to clarify and summarize what Tod said at jet speed 🙂

  • Scott

    First time listener today. Clicked subscribe afterwards.

    Question – For a 90-day sprint, can you have more than 1 outcome goals? Or is that too much?

    • Hey Scott, you can certainly have more than one outcome goal, as long as your two week action steps cover both of them. I think that Todd recommends no more than three outcome goals per life category.

      • Scott

        Life categories?

  • Gregg

    Best podcast episode ever! Love the concept, it’s just the missing piece for my goal settings.

    Did you remove the episode? Can’t listen to it anymore ;(

    If yes, would you be ok to send me the mp3, so I can study it?

    Anyway thanks for the good job, you rock!

    • Hey Gregg, thanks for the compliments! The show is working just fine for me – please let me know if you are seeing an error.

      • Gregg

        Can’t play the file, nowhere. Not here, not on my podcast player.

        Do you have an mp3 file link for me? 😉

        Txs in advance, I want to be sure to keep the invaluable content … 😉

      • This isn’t working for me either. I’ve tried the play button at the top. It says “File not found”. I’ve tried the Download button with the same error. I’ve reloaded the page 4 times, and tried at home and at the office. Same issue.

        • My apologies for the error, folks. I am unable to recreate this. I will have my team investigate.

          • Gregg

            That’s ok now 😉 Txs a lot!

  • Elizabeth

    Great show as always…I like the 90 day goals. It reminds me of the book “The One Thing”..where we should break things down into the one thing now, this week, this month, this year..etc. Short term goals for wins to get to our ultimate goal!

  • Awesome podcast guys! Loving the concept of the 90 day goals and I’m going to be using this from now on! 😀

  • Marc McLean

    Love all Ryan’s podcasts – but this is definitely the best one yet. I’ve taken so much valuable information from Todd and can totally relate to his line about “uncertainty” and “confusion”. I’ve been focusing on the big goal….instead of achieving a series of confidence-building wins over a 90 day sprint…….and it has been causing me stress, anxiety and frustration. Time to change things up and work more effectively. Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing this Ryan.

  • Kon

    Ryan this was one of your best. Have to thank you for the written summary you provided here too. I was listening but didn’t have the ability to take notes, so it was a relief when I came here and saw you had pulled the gold nuggets out in your summary. Thanks a ton for all the work you do to!

    • Kon, thanks so much for the kind words. I’m glad this was so helpful for you!

  • Gun Hudson

    Woah this podcast was epic!
    I listened to it three times which I’ve never done before, who IS this guy?!
    The content was pretty full on (thanks for reigning him in Ryan haha) but after listening to the podcast a few times I really want to hear more from Todd!
    Specifically he started describing a table with past and future, I didn’t quite get that bit.
    I would imagine this episode resonated HIGHLY with many entrepreneurs- it certainly did with me.
    Thanks very much Ryan, I’ve subscribed and starting your 10 day program. Top content 🙂

  • Matt Hotze

    I am working my way back through these FFpodcasts. Thank you for this episode. Very actionable advice.

  • Nicole Bryan

    Hi all,

    Absolutely LOVE this stuff!
    In the spirit of goal setting, I wanted to let you all know that I’m starting a Financial Freedom Mastermind Group on December 1st. I’m looking for highly ambitious, committed, like minded financial freedom fighters who have a goal of financial freedom in 2-5 years. If you are interested please inbox me your email address or send an email to [email protected]. I have tons more information about format, structure and criteria to determine eligibility for the group. Max group size is 8. Thanks in advance

  • I’m a fellow man’s coach and I’ve found this episode very valuable.
    Loved the idea of 90 days-year and a 2-week focus on one KPI. Thanks!